Dear Bay Beach-ers,

As previously stated, your safety, our staff's safety, and continued patient care are at the heart of all of our current policy changes. See below for updates on policy changes at Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital and Bay Beach Veterinary Emergency Hospital.

Curbside Service- Effective immediately, we will be asking all clients to stay in your car. Call our hospital when you are in the parking lot. We will check you in over the phone and send a staff member out to get your pet when they are next to see the doctor. A doctor will call you after they examine your pet and discuss physical exam findings, recommended diagnostics and a treatment plan. When your pet is being discharged, a staff member will give you a call to discuss discharge directions (including followups) and take payment over the phone. We are actively working towards a telemedicine solution, but for now, this is how we will continue care. *IF YOUR PET IS NON-RESPONSIVE or IN A GRAVELY EMERGENT SITUATION, call us when you are en route so we can give you additional directions and be prepared to receive your pet.

This change applies to all patient visits, including technician appointments and emergency visits.

As before, if you are sick, experiencing symptoms consistent with potential coronavirus infection (fever, acute respiratory sickness, shortness of breath) please send a healthy family member or friend with your pet. Additionally, if you are experiencing the above symptoms, are a confirmed positive, or are awaiting results of a pending test, please isolate yourself from your pet. This is a recommendation of the CDC and if you would like additional information on this, please refer to the CDC website.

With this significant change in policy, we appreciate your patience with us we navigate these rapidly changing times. We will do our best to keep communication open and frank.

For euthanasias and end of life care, we will continue to allow a healthy family member to be with your pet through their transition. We are deeply empathetic to the human-animal bond and we are beyond sad that this is where we are. It is our responsibility to keep everyone as safe as we can. Only one healthy family member will be allowed to accompany and stay with your pet.


To do our part in protecting our community, our staff, and our patients, we are putting the following guidelines in effect at both of our hospitals during this current COVID-19 crisis. 

Please continue to follow all CDC recommendations. These recommendations change daily, and we will stay current on all of them. Many recommendations from the CDC and VDH involve limiting contact among each other so we will do our best to do our part while continuing to offer our partnership in your pets' care. 

Below is a list of changes that Bay Beach is initiating in order to keep everyone safe. 

  • Prescription Refills- Once your prescription is ready, we will give you a call and let you know. When you arrive in our parking lot, give us a call and a staff member will bring your prescription out. For the time being, we are limiting prescription pickup hours from 9a to 4p, Monday through Friday. 

  • Please have only one family member accompany your pet for appointments and emergency visits to our hospitals. 

  • For emergency visits we ask that you sign in, your pet will be triaged, and we will ask you to wait in the car with your pet if your pet is not in critical condition. If your pet is in critical condition, we will monitor your pet in our ICU and ask you to wait in the car until the doctor can speak with you

  • Our doctors and staff cannot shake hands or offer hugs right now. We are sorry to lose this important part of care but it is necessary for now. 

  • Patients going home- We will limit pick up times and instructions will be given over the phone either prior to pick up or after. This applies to routine drop off procedures, surgeries, and hospitalized patients that are being released to go home. 

  • Visiting- We will be discouraging patient visitation for hospitalized patients. Our ultimate goal is to get your pet home as soon as we possibly can and we can do that best with the fewest interruptions in care. With that said, we also understand that visitation will be important for certain patients in certain situations. For hospitalized patients, if visitations are necessary, we are limiting visits to one (well) person once per day. Please call ahead if you plan on visiting.

  • No personal items can be left with pets that are being admitted to our hospitals. These will include leashes, blankets, carriers, etc.  

We will post additional information on our website and post updates on Facebook and via email as regularly as necessary. Our first priorities are your safety, our staff's safety, and your pet's health and medical care. If you have any questions, please call us and we will be happy to answer them.


Please email our practice manager, Allison Rye, with specific questions and concerns.

Be safe out there and know we are thinking of each of you.

The Doctors and Staff of Bay Beach Veterinary (and Emergency) Hospital
Allison Rye, LVT, CVPM
Practice Manager
Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital
Bay Beach Veterinary Emergency Hospital
(757) 340-3913