We are no longer offering emergency services at our VB Boulevard location. Our Nimmo Parkway location is open for emergencies only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dear Bay Beach-ers,

As previously stated, your safety, our staff's safety, and continued patient care are at the heart of all of our current policy changes. See below for updates on policy changes at Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital and Bay Beach Veterinary Emergency Hospital.

We are welcoming our pet owners back inside of both hospitals. If vaccinated you have the option of wearing a mask, if not please put on a mask before entering. Our receptionists are waiting for you and will assist you face to face.

As before, if you are sick, experiencing symptoms consistent with potential coronavirus infection (fever, acute respiratory sickness, shortness of breath) please send a healthy family member or friend with your pet. Additionally, if you are experiencing the above symptoms, are a confirmed positive, or are awaiting results of a pending test, please isolate yourself from your pet. This is a recommendation of the CDC and if you would like additional information on this, please refer to the CDC website.

Please continue to follow all CDC recommendations. These recommendations change daily, and we will stay current on all of them. Many recommendations from the CDC and VDH involve limiting contact among each other so we will do our best to do our part while continuing to offer our partnership in your pets' care.
Below is a list of changes that Bay Beach is initiating in order to keep everyone safe.

  • Please have only one family member accompany your pet for appointments and emergency visits to our hospitals.
  • Our doctors and staff cannot shake hands or offer hugs right now. We are sorry to lose this important part of care but it is necessary for now.
  • Patients going home- We will limit pick-up times and instructions will be given over the phone either prior to pick up or after. This applies to routine drop-off procedures, surgeries, and hospitalized patients that are being released to go home.
  • No personal items can be left with pets that are being admitted to our hospitals. These will include leashes, blankets, carriers, etc.

We will post additional information on our website and post updates on Facebook and via email as regularly as necessary. Our first priorities are your safety, our staff's safety, and your pet's health and medical care. If you have any questions, please call us and we will be happy to answer them.
Please email our practice manager, Allison Rye, with specific questions and concerns. allisonrye@baybeachvets.com

Be safe out there and know we are thinking of each of you.
— The Doctors and Staff of Bay Beach Veterinary (and Emergency) Hospital