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Health Certificates

Our veterinarians are USDA accredited and can authorize and sign paperwork indicating your pet is healthy enough for travel within the country (via airplane) or overseas. Pet owners must schedule an appointment for a full examination by the veterinarian in advance of the travel date, and there is an additional charge for certificate processing. Most certificates are only valid for a 10 day period, so plan accordingly. We also highly recommend you contact the airline that your pet will travel on to determine any additional requirements.


For pets traveling to Hawaii or to other countries:
Exporting animals to island states or other countries may be a very involved process. Our veterinarians are NOT RESPONSIBLE for researching the necessary requirements for your pet’s exportation. Requirements may vary from country to country and are subject to change at ANY time. Clients are responsible for contacting the destination’s Department of Agriculture and determining a timeline, what steps are required, and scheduling the appointments for testing (if needed) and examinations.

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A helpful website for information on most exportation requirements: www.aphis.usda.gov

If you know your pet will require a rabies titer (FAVN-OIE Test) for acceptance into Hawaii or other country requiring it, you can access the request form PRIOR to your appointment. Fill out the portion with your information and the veterinarian will complete the form upon test submission. There is an additional charge for the test and shipping to Kansas State.

Click on Submission Form FAVN