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Preventative Medicine

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

The famous old saying is absolutely true… many of the illnesses we see in our patients can be avoided with the right approach to disease prevention. Our patients are all individuals with different environments, activities and lifestyles… and we take this into consideration as we make our recommendations about which vaccines and parasite preventatives are appropriate for your pet.

The veterinarian and staff will discuss with you a full plan of routine examinations, vaccinations, and testing to help ensure your pet is on the best path to a healthy life. You will receive reminders about when your pet is due for a visit, and what he/she needs.

What is PureVax?

We use a special type of Rabies vaccination for our feline patients called “PureVax”, manufactured by a company called Merial. These vaccinations are different from others because they do not contain adjuvant, an ingredient that extends the duration of certain vaccines. Some studies suggest that adjuvant may cause a type of inflammation that predisposes a very small population of cats to a type of soft tissue cancer. Although the risk is small, we feel it’s important to offer our feline patients and their owners this alternative to adjuvanted vaccines. For more information on Purevax, consult with the veterinarian or check out Merial’s website at www.purevax.com.

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