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In-House Laboratory Equipment

While many tests can be and are sent out to laboratories for analyses, we have equipment on-site that can perform important critical tests such as blood cell counts, serum chemistries and electrolyte levels for emergent cases or hospitalized patient monitoring.

Digital Radiography

We no longer chemically process X-rays. Your pet’s images are captured digitally and can be enhanced and stored on the computer or on discs. Not only is this more efficient, but it allows the images to be stored and shared more easily. The process takes less time and requires less radiation. Specialists may review the images online with authorization, and a consultation with a board certified veterinary radiologist can be done within a 24 hour period. We now also have a separate digital dental X-ray machine that allows exceptional imaging of the dental structures. This enhances our ability to provide the best dental care for your pet.


Ultrasound imaging augments X-rays in evaluation of soft tissues. We offer basic ultrasound services at this time. When more in depth studies are required, the veterinarian may refer the case to a veterinary internal medicine specialist.

dog gets ultrasound


The MedRx VetScope (www.medrx-usa.com) is a tiny color digital camera attached to a tapered probe that allows the doctor to image and magnify difficult areas to see (such as the ear canal). These images can be be captured in real time and projected on a television monitor or still photographs can be taken for the medical record.

beagle examined with VetScope