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cat with doctor

Heidi Breeze

M.Ed., D.V.M.


Dr. Breeze received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University in 2006 completing her final clinical year at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. From there she moved to Maine working full time honing her skills in emergency medicine. During the past ten years she has traveled back to the Virginia Beach area whenever possible. She is extremely excited to continue doing what she loves full time back in this warmer climate.

Dr. Breeze is also passionate about bringing veterinary care to remote regions of the world such as Suriname and Thailand. She has volunteered her time to care for a range of animals including elephants, monkeys, water buffalo, stray dogs and cats. It is always a rewarding experience to work in these places for her, however it is also a reminder of how fortunate she is to be able to practice high quality medicine when she is back home.

Outside of practicing medicine she enjoys running, biking, swimming, sailing, kayaking, and hiking with her boyfriend and her adorable super mutt, Raven.