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Margaret Johnson


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Dr. Johnson is a 30 year resident of the wonderful town of Virginia Beach. She received her undergraduate degree from Old Dominion University, and her veterinary degree from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996.

She has had the privilege to have worked with many of Virginia Beach's veterinarians who were some of the first doctors to establish practices in the area. Dr. Johnson credits these veterinarians for their mentoring and helping shape her into who she is today. For almost 10 years, Dr. Johnson practiced emergency medicine in Virginia Beach before embarking into the small animal private practice world. Dr. Johnson has recently returned to her love of emergency medicine with Bay Beach Veterinary Emergency Hospital.

When not working, Dr. Johnson enjoys time with her family that includes her giant Maine Coon kitty named Dr. Strangelove, and her two lively retrievers who love to jump and swim. They have competed at world Dock Dog competitions for North American Diving Dogs.